Core Principles

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This is a draft. Feel free to edit this page and discuss your changes using the discussion tab.

The following Core Principles are shared by all members. These values guide decision-making and conflict resolution on the instance. Principles are intended to be general, rather than specific. Changes in the Core Principles should be infrequent and only after deliberation open to all members.

Because these are still in the draft stage, and membership is small, feel free to discuss possible changes to the principles on the discussion page.

  1. Respect - Members acknowledge the dignity of all humans. Contempt is incompatible with healthy communities. It is respectful to refer to people by their preferred pronouns and labels. Respectful criticism addresses behavior rather than identity.
  2. Solidarity - A harm to one is a harm to all. Harm to any member is not justified by benefits to other members. A lack of benefit is not harm.
  3. Participatory Member Control - All decisions are made either directly by member deliberation or indirectly by working groups and individuals accountable to the general membership.